All Loryma ingredients are Halal certified - Wheat proteins, starches and wheat-based functional blends are verified compliant with Muslim dietary laws
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According to the European Institute of Halal Certification (EHZ), all Loryma ingredients comply with their Halal standard, with the corresponding confirmation issued after an audit. These include, for example, the wheat texturates (Lory® Tex), the binding components of the Lory® Bind range, various coatings and breadings, starch mixtures, stabilising systems and Lory® Protein. These products are used as texturisers for plant-based meat alternatives and to optimise a wide range of applications. Loryma initiated the certification process as a result of increased demand for such products.

The Halal certificate confirms that the functional blends do not contain any substances forbidden under Islamic law.

Latest analysis by the Imarc Group puts the global market for halal products at close to two billion US dollars in 2021, and forecasts average annual growth of more than eleven per cent over the period 2022-2027. "The halal certificate has been in high demand from customers from Muslim countries and is of great importance. We are therefore pleased that our products meet the requirements," says Henrik Hetzer, Managing Director of Loryma.
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