Boosting immunity the smart way with all-natural, bio-identical Ubiquinol™ from Kaneka
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Boosting immunity the smart way

General awareness of the need for a strong immune system and healthy lifestyle has heightened in recent times. The all-natural, bio-identical Kaneka UbiquinolTM is a perfect solution to these needs, with its ability to enhance cellular energy production in the mitochondria (ATP). In multiple clinical trials, ubiquinol has been scientifically proven to enhance energy metabolism and protect cells. As a strong antioxidant, it supports overall vitality and helps boost the body’s natural defences. With on-the-go concepts such as an Activ’ Fruit Bar or powdered drink sticks, at this year’s Vitafoods, Kaneka introduced solutions to meet today’s fast-evolving market needs.

Thanks to a proprietary and patented process, Kaneka is able to produce its stable ubiquinol via natural yeast fermentation. With people’s hectic everyday lives and the trend of snackification in mind, Kaneka further developed its on-the-go delivery forms with an easy to consume yet healthy bar to support the immune system. In a 25g portion, the UBIQUINOL ACTIV’ Fruit Bar comprises 33mg Kaneka Ubiquinol™ and fibrous fruit such as aronia, banana and cocoa. The bar is ideally suited to replenish what is lost during high-intensity activities, such as physical exercise or e-sports. As it’s small in size, it’s particularly convenient for consumption during training sessions, work or travel.

Powder drinks packed into a single-portion sachet are easy to carry or store, and offer delicious refreshment when needed. The Citrus Kick, Immunity Boost and Muscle Hydration flavours all contain ubiquinol and electrolytes, and are rich in plant extracts. So consumers who are in a rush can get a much-needed boost with essential nutrients and minerals.

Consumer surveys carried out by healthcare market research company Expansion Consulteam highlight the demand for such convenient concepts. A 28-day trial with seniors and a 60-day trial with nurses revealed improved wellbeing in individuals supplementing daily with 100mg Kaneka Ubiquinol™. Among the 60-day group, first signs of increased vitality appeared after 23 days. Moreover, 62% of the nurses and 58% of the seniors said they felt less stressed at the end of the trial. In the age group 50+, seven in ten people would recommend Kaneka Ubiquinol™ to someone who feels tired and wants to regain vitality, and 74% of the nurses would suggest it to their colleagues.

Alexandre Magnin, Sales & Marketing Manager at Kaneka Nutrients Europe (part of Kaneka Medical Europe), explains: “The pandemic has shown that consumers want to learn more about immune health and how best to support it. Brands can use this engagement to shape their products and communication in favour of science-backed solutions. They can create premium dietary supplements containing value-added specialty ingredients. Nutrients such as Kaneka Ubiquinol™ that are thoroughly researched will appeal to health-conscious shoppers looking for additional immunity benefits.”
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