T1 2021 M&A Review of the UK Food and Beverage Sector
We have received the following news item from Oghma Partners LLP:

The recovery in activity we saw in the last four months of 2020 has continued into the first four months of 2021.

At current levels of deal flow we should see a recovery towards or at the levels seen in 2019.

We are beginning to see M&A activity in the food service sector as firms look to pick up on their exit plans, previously blown off-course by Covid.

With Brexit completed, whilst there has been some negative trading impact, the conclusion of discussions has had a positive impact on M&A in our view. The deal has encouraged overseas groups to renew their interest in the UK and to build out their presence in the market to avoid problems created by the exit from the EU and, in general, to take advantage of a scale and innovative food and beverage market.

A full report on UK Mergers and acquisitions in the UK Food and Beverage Sector is available from Oghma Partners LLP.
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