GoodMills Innovation presents GOOD Fibres 10+1 - a blend of 10 different fibre types PLUS Wheatgerm
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Indulgent and immunity-supporting: Baked goods with added benefits

GoodMills Innovation’s latest product launch contains dietary fibres from ten different sources and a superfood for microbiome biodiversity

GoodMills Innovation presents GOOD Fibres 10+1, a high-fibre compound that enhances the nutritional and sensory profiles of baked goods. The fibre mix consists of ten different sources, including cereals, vegetables and fruits. It therefore provides valuable food for the body’s intestinal flora, which plays a key role in a healthy immune system. The compound also contains wheat germ, an original superfood that provides important nutrients such as spermidine, folic acid and vitamin E – harmoniously encapsulating its “Better for you” profile. The special composition of the product also allows for EU health claims in relation to the immune system and intestinal health, when used in sufficient doses.

The ingredients in GOOD Fibres 10+1 are cleverly combined to optimally support the health of intestinal flora. Besides dietary fibre, some of the components contain other valuable nutrients. For example, tartary buckwheat is rich in zinc and the secondary phytochemical rutin, giving it antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties, while wheat germ is an ideal source of spermidine. Spermidine is a substance produced naturally in the body and all other living organisms to stimulate autophagy, a type of ‘cell recycling’ that plays a role in immune defence.

“Until recently, a strong immune system was a topic mainly discussed during the winter cold and flu season, but this is changing,” says Jutta Schock, Head of Marketing at GoodMills Innovation. “The need for a powerful immune system is becoming a permanent topic – across seasons and generations. GOOD Fibres 10+1 makes it easy for the baking industry to respond to this current consumer demand with tasty, health-boosting products. Our new compound is suitable for an array of different products: from breads, rolls and sandwich buns to Danish pastries and croissants, and thus offers lucrative positioning possibilities across the entire baking segment.”

Technologically, GOOD Fibres 10+1 scores with a high dough yield, excellent dough and processing properties, as well as an outstanding baking volume. Thanks to the water-binding properties of its dietary fibres, prolonged freshness can be achieved. From a sensory viewpoint, the dietary fibres from ten sources plus the superfood concentrate from wheat germ ensure a perfectly balanced flavour profile.
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