Boosters for intestinal health: “High-MAC” wheat bran from GoodMills Innovation GmbH offers optimum bioavailability for the microbiome and multiple application opportunities.
We have received the following news item from GoodMills Innovation GmbH:

At FiE 2019 booth 6E151, under the banner “The most diverse natural fibre composition in the world”, GoodMills Innovation will showcase a natural high-fibre ingredient for multiple fields of application at the world’s leading ingredients trade show, Fi Europe & Ni 2019. One highlight will be the new micronised High-MAC wheat bran and its carbohydrates that are optimally metabolised in the intestine.

In contrast to refined flour, which does not support bacterial diversity in the gut, whole grains make an important contribution to microbial diversity. With this in mind, GoodMills Innovation has developed High-MAC wheat bran (MAC stands for ‘microbiota accessible carbohydrates’), a novel wheat ingredient that is ultra-finely ground and stabilised. As such, it can be metabolised optimally by intestinal bacteria. This is what makes the new product much more bioavailable than the supposedly well to metabolise standard fibres found in whole grain flour and other bran products.

Using a special “Multi Micro Process” micronisation technique and simultaneous thermal and physical enhancement, the size of the High-MAC wheat bran particles is reduced to less than 150 Ám – or even smaller – and the bacterial count is significantly reduced. Compared to conventional bran, the surface is thus increased by a factor of 1,000 to 100,000. This helps the intestinal bacteria to access up to 100 different fibre components of wheat fibre so far known to be inherent to the bran. Therefore, the micronised bran differs significantly from the chemically isolated and individually administered fibre fractions found in food supplements and common food additives.

High-MAC wheat bran supports the biodiversity of bacteria in the intestines and therefore promotes good intestinal health. At the same time, the ingredient contains valuable natural nutrients including iron, zinc, magnesium, vitamins and polyphenols.

Technologically, High-MAC wheat bran scores with its versatile application potential for a variety of baked goods, pasta, shakes and even spreads. In particular in biscuits High-MAC wheat bran can impress with a short bite (“crunch”), depending on the recipe.

Natural sugar reduction

The slight natural sweetness of the ingredient also allows the sugar content in recipes from cookie dough to even chocolate creams and other fillings to be reduced, while optimising texture and mouthfeel. On request, this ultra-finely ground bran is also available in various qualities and particle sizes and as whole bran, which includes the wheat germ.

Managing Director Michael Gusko explains: “We are very pleased that, in addition to our wide spectrum of wholemeal specialities, we are now also able to offer a bran range that delivers new technological, health and taste advantages. Most consumers associate high fibre products with health benefits, but not always with indulgence.

“Through more than three decades of intensive research, including various EU projects, we have been able to develop comprehensive expertise in the field of dietary fibre. And this year, we have once again invested almost 10 million euros in expanding our plant so that we are well equipped for future growth in the area of intestinal health.”
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