TAIYO will be introducing a functional cola with the dietary fibre Sunfiber® and nutritional boosters for dairy products at Fi Europe 2019
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Schwelm (Germany), September 2019 – Taiyo, the health-promoting natural ingredients expert, will be presenting a new soft drink concept: Sunfiber® Cola is the first functional, sugar-free cola to combine the popular refreshing soft drink taste with a satiating effect. The beverage can help with weight management because, according to scientific findings, consuming a drink enriched with Sunfiber® increases the feeling of satiety, with participants consuming 70-100 fewer calories at their next meal. The easily digestible, low FODMAP dietary fibre from the guar bean promotes the balance of useful micro organisms such as Bifido bacteria and lactobacilli, improves the bioavailability of mineral materials such as calcium and magnesium, and reduces bad LDL cholesterol. As with the Sunfiber® Orange concept introduced in 2018, the development partners are soft drink expert SINALCO INTERNATIONAL and SWEETHOUSE’s sweetening specialists.

Drinks sticks to go

Two other concept innovations that can be easily stirred into beverages, including dairy products, in on-the-go stick portion size are also beneficial for digestion: pure Sunfiber® and a combination concept made of dietary fibre with curcumin. SunCurcumin gives beverages and meals a nutritional boost: The fibre content helps with the absorption of the daily recommended amount of "intestinal food", and curcumin is a component of the superfood plant turmeric, which is valued for its anti-inflammatory properties. The easily water-soluble agglomerate developed by Taiyo, together with its partner DRS Pharma, is 40 times more bioavailable than conventional curcumin.

Natural L-Theanine from green tea

Taiyo will also showcase an exciting innovation in the popular tea applications segment: Sunphenon TH30 is a natural L-theanine variant for the European market. Because the synthetic form of L-theanine can only be sold outside the EU, Taiyo has now launched a natural L-theanine with the same effect. Taiyo extracts the amino acid L-theanine from the leaves of green tea, which the company with Japanese roots cultivates and produces in accordance with the highest quality standards in China. The tea extract Sunphenon TH30 provides relaxing and stress-reducing effects, and is perfect for hot and cold drinks, and for enriching dairy products or even mint sweets.

Protein + Omega 3: Chia protein

Taiyo has expanded its chia range with a micro-fine ground chia protein of the highest purity, and concepts for ready-to-drink shakes based on water, milk or milk alternatives. Chia protein no longer falls under the Novel Food Regulation and is approved for use in yoghurt, chocolate, juices, isotonic thirst-quenchers and instant drinks. The omega-3 booster is also an interesting new ingredient for raw vegetable bars, containing not only high-quality protein but also dietary fibres.

Other attractions on the Taiyo stand include premium quality Matcha tea powder, the delivery system SunActive® magnesium and zinc, and also SunAmla, a highly bioavailable formulation that makes the immune-enhancing nutrients of the Ayurvedic Indian gooseberry available for dairy products, among others.

Taiyo GmbH will be exhibiting at Fi Europe 2019, Booth 6H110: Focus on new beverage concepts, to-go innovations and recipe ideas for green tea, chia and turmeric trends.
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