"HamTec Replace" from Frutarom enables up to 30% salt reduction in cooked ham
Innovative functional blend enables salt reductions of up to 30 per cent while maintaining sensory and technical properties of cooked ham.

Frutarom Savory Solutions presents its new functional blend “HamTec Replace” for Italy and France. The ingredient enables manufacturers to meet consumer demand for a healthier lifestyle: It allows for up to 30 per cent less salt in recipes and end products. This results in salt level of 1,2-1,4 per cent in the cooked ham – a total Sodium content of around 0,5 per cent. Depending on the salt reduction achieved, appropriate claims may be used on pack. Frutarom’s ingredient also helps to realize the sensory properties of regular ham as well as yield and shelf life. Application is quite simple: Apart from adjusting the salt content of the recipe, no further production modifications or investments are required.

The new product is available in powder form and consists of potassium chloride, natural flavors, yeast extracts and natural proprietary ingredients. When developing the new ingredient, Frutarom faced the sensory challenges of covering the bitterness of potassium chloride and realizing a similar salt perception and mouthfeel to regular ham. With regard to technical properties, Frutarom also had to overcome the hurdles of maintaining the same yield, color stability and shelf life as the reference products.

HamTec Replace enables the production of salt-reduced ham in without significant impact on taste, appearance, yield or shelf life. Paolo Veronese, R&D Technologist at Frutarom Savory Solutions, explains: “As reducing the salt content of foods is an important public health issue, the industry is working hard on developing suitable solutions. Simply cutting salt out of a product impacts the functional and sensory properties negatively, so it’s vital to keep the balance between health concerns, safe products and the consumer wish for products that taste and look good. Our new ingredient enables French and Italian manufacturers to produce cooked ham specialties with improved nutritional values and excellent taste profiles that satisfy the current demand for both health and indulgence.”

The company continues its development work in the field of salt reduction and is currently working on solutions for the German market.
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