GELITA publishes and reports on the EFSA opinion about the collagen peptide “VERISOL® Health Claim” with regard to skin health.
We have received the following news item from Gelita which expresses their view of a recent EFSA Opinion:

GELITA applied for a Health Claim regarding the beauty from within collagen peptide VERISOL® and its beneficial effect on skin health. Motivation was to clarify whether effects related to wrinkle reduction and higher elasticity of the skin are classified as health functions and consequently need a health claim.

On Thursday June 20th EFSA published their scientific opinion regarding the 13.5 VERISOL®Health Claim application. ESFA informed that they came to the conclusion that the effects measured in the studies (wrinkle reduction and skin elasticity) are not relevant to justify a health claim.

EFSA has evaluated GELITAs dossier under the aspect of the European Health Claim legislation. This legislation makes it mandatory for any ingredient related to skin health to scientifically prove that a “skin health increasing functionality” is given. EFSA characterizes “functionality of the skin” as: e.g. water barrier function.

GELITA demonstrated in two placebocontrolled, randomized clinical studies with a total subject number > 150, that the regular intake of Collagen Peptides VERISOL® statistically significant improves skin elasticity and reduces wrinkle depth with 2.5 g/day. However, both studies did not show a statistical significant effect on what EFSA defined as skin functionality.

EFSA did not negate that the studies have shown a significant improvement of skin elasticity and significant reduction of wrinkles.However, EFSA decided to report only those outcomes which were directly relevant for the claimed effect under assessment and did not comment on the positive results (elasticity/wrinkle reduction) as they do not consider them as “skin functions” and therefore not Health Claim relevant.

Claims that do not qualify as a health claim or a nutritional claim within the scope of Regulation No. 1924/2006 will be measured along the general rules. Those are laid down in Article 2 I of the Directive 2000/13/EC relating to the labeling, presentation and advertising of food stuffs and the respective national rules. The rules say that the labeling and marketing of a food must not be misleading particularly by attributing to the food stuff effects or properties which it does not possess and which are not scientifically substantiated.

Therefore, we believe that a beauty claim that does not suggest or imply that a relationship between the food and health does exist may be used if supported by strong and relevant scientific studies.

This result makes GELITA confident that customers can promote the demonstrated and scientific proven VERISOL®benefits (statistical significantly increased skin elasticity and reduced wrinkles) under the respective food legislation.
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