Frutarom Savory Solutions expands marinades portfolio and introduces new salad dressings that can be used to create unlimited variations in taste
Korntal-Münchingen/Germany, April 2013: With its new marinades, Frutarom Savory Solutions offers exceptional taste experiences. Its “Masala” marinade combines the taste of juicy tomatoes with exotic Indian spices, while cumin gives the new “Levant” marinade an Oriental flavor. With salad being the perfect accompaniment at barbecues, Frutarom is also introducing two new salad dressings that allow for the production of versatile dressing varieties. “Universal” dressing and ”Herb” salad dressing are available in powder form, versatile in use and simple to process. Neither the marinades nor the dressings contain monosodium glutamate.


Inspired by falafel, a very popular North African specialty, Frutarom’s product developer created the Levant marinade, in which garlic, parsley, onions and cumin impart a distinctive flavor. For the Masala variant, Indian spices are mixed and adjusted to the European palate: tomato meets pepper, cardamom, ginger and coconut.

Both marinades are suitable for use with poultry, pork and fish, with the Levant option also being particularly good with lamb. Each delivers an appealing color and brightness and, as well as being free from monosodium glutamate, the new marinades contain no hydrogenated fat.


Frutarom’s new Universal dressing can be used as a base for virtually any type of salad dressing – from classic yoghurt variants to a summer fresh redcurrant-type dressing. Universal dressing is characterized by its balanced vinegar note and its pleasant basic flavor of onions. The Herb dressing compound contains traditional garden herbs such as dill, parsley and chives, as well as visible onion pieces.

To prepare the basic version of either dressing, the compound is simply mixed with water and oil. Depending on the desired variation, oil can be substituted by yoghurt or fresh cheese and customers can add their own additional ingredients, as preferred.

To help its customers make the most of its marinades and dressings, Frutarom Savory Solutions also provides a range of tasty recipe suggestions.
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