Three year study indicates that MenaQ7 from NattoPharma reduces bone loss and improves bone impact strength.
NattoPharma has announced the publication of a ground-breaking new study on its proprietary MenaQ7 brand of Natural Vitamin K2. Results from the three-year clinical intervention study on the effects of MenaQ7 on bone health is now available online in the leading journal Osteoporosis International.


The MenaQ7 supplementation group significantly increased the circulating active Osteocalcin (cOC), a well-established biomarker for bone and vitamin K status. The inactive protein, ucOC, in the MenaQ7 group decreased with 51% +/- 21% as compared to the placebo group (+4 % +/- 49%). This finding points clearly to the positive MenaQ7 bone-health effect. After three years of supplementation, improvements in both bone mineral content and bone mineral density were statistically significant in the MenaQ7 group. Moreover, bone strength was statistically improved, demonstrating therapeutic benefits for the MenaQ7 group as compared to the placebo group.

“The results from the three-year human study on MenaQ7® show for the first time in history that daily intake of 180 micrograms MenaQ7 may help postmenopausal women to prevent bone loss, which can drastically delay development of osteoporosis,” says CEO in NattoPharma Hogne Vik.


In April 2008, NattoPharma commenced a clinical intervention study with 244 postmenopausal women randomized to receive either MenaQ7 or placebo. The study has been conducted at VitaK at the Maastricht University in the Nederlands and led by Associate Professor of Biochemistry Cees Vermeer. The aim of the study was to investigate the effects of a sustained intake of a low dose (180 mcg) of natural vitamin K2 (MenaQ7) on both bone and vascular health parameters. [The dose used is considered a nutritional dose, further distinguishing the importance of this study.] First publication from this study is now available online in the leading journal Osteoporosis International and more scientific publications are expected.
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