Galam Group Combines Different Stevia-extracts to Improve Sweetness Profiles and expands its R&D Facilities across Europe
Galam Group HiSweet® stevia blends offer an answer to the global challenge of formulating with stevia to achieve products with a sugar-like taste. As the food and beverage industry knows, stevia extract works best when combined with other sugars and sweeteners. After extensively formulating with stevia in numerous applications, Galam Group's sweetening specialists have succeeded in finding the sweet-taste profiles manufacturers have been looking for. By combining both SG95 and high concentrations of Reb-A stevia-extracts, together with other sugars, the innovative Galam Group HiSweet® solutions have emerged with optimal taste-profiles to suit every applications needs.

Dr. Joseph Soler, a sweetener blending expert from the Galam Iberia facility explained: “Reb-A, at high concentration (above 95%), has a very sweet-sharp taste, but is a rather one-dimensional molecule. SG95% is based on different steviol glycosides and therefore has a fuller, more rounded taste. By combining both these stevia-extracts, plus other natural sugars, we’ve achieved blends whose sweet tastes are much more similar to that of sugar, with a better mouth feel, improved flavor profile and high intensity sweetness - sweetened by natural sweetener systems. Each individual blend is built to meet our customers' specific needs and is a result of mutual R&D efforts in finding the optimal sweetening formulation. ”

Galam Group dedicated application labs and sweetener blending facilities located across Europe work in close collaboration with customers on a variety of HiSweet® formulas that integrate stevia-extracts (Reb-A> 95%, Reb-A> 97%, SG> 95%) with different sweeteners. These HiSweet® blends offer the food and beverage industry a way to produce products with significant calorie-reduction without compromising the naturalness or sugar-sweetness of the blend.

Dr. Fernando Schved, VP Business Development & R&D at Galam Group expanded on the flexibility of the HiSweet® blends for a range of applications. “Our blending experts have overcome the challenge of steviol glycosides – regarding late onset, lingering after taste or bitterness to preserve the sweetness sensation. For example, with bitter applications our stevia-based blends achieve the optimal balance between sweetness and sourness to reduce after-taste; for dairy products we’ve overcome the lack of mouth-feel, caused by sugar and fat reduction; in chocolate or cocoa drinks we’ve achieved blends which improve sweetness intensity and enhance original flavors and in complicated soya applications we’ve counteracted soy’s off-notes when faced with stevia characteristics such as lingering effect.”

Galam Group’s HiSweet® stevia blends have already been well received throughout Europe, helping food and beverage manufacturers gear up for the forthcoming EU stevia approval and growing consumer demand for natural sweetening solutions.

The company has also announced an expansion of research and development (R&D) activities as well as the incorporation of applications teams into its marketing organization. Galam's sweetening blending facilities in Germany, Spain, the Czech Republic and Israel will house international teams of experts comprising scientists, food technologists, technicians and application development specialists. Their work will significantly increase the company’s R&D footprint and impact on a rapidly developing sweetening ingredients market.

The move to expand R&D infrastructure, reach and capabilities is not just intended to increase Galam Group creativity and expand the sweeteners portfolio, but will also extend the company’s already impressive knowledge-base in sweetening solutions. With the growing demand for less sugar, more natural sweetening options throughout the food and beverage industry, there is a real need for inventive methods that allow sugar reduction while maintaining a sweet sugar-like taste.

Galam Group's sweetening specialists in Spain and Germany will focus on application research, while the centers in Israel will concentrate on new sweetener ingredients and sweetener combination solutions. Whilst Galam Group application teams are well established, their incorporation into the marketing structure offers new opportunities to extend technical capabilities and more directly communicate with food and beverage industry customers.

The intense collaboration and knowledge sharing between Galam's divisions will further improve customer service, fostering unique and economically viable sweetening solutions with a rapid time-to-market. Significantly enriching Galam Group’s sweetening knowhow and expertise enhances the company's ability to assist food and beverages manufacturers struggling to find their product’s right sweetness profile with reduced sugar.

New innovative sweetener combinations will be added to Galam Group's range of tailor made sweetening blends. The expanded portfolio will be available from Galam Group sweetening blending centers in Spain, Germany, the Czech Republic and Israel.

Dr. Fernando Schved, Head of R&D explained:

"The general expansion of our R&D sector and the incorporation of our applications labs into the company’s marketing structure forms a core part of our continued efforts to retain our position as leaders and innovators in the sweetening ingredients industry. We’ve devoted significant resources to this endeavor and anticipate a number of exciting new products in the near future thanks to the newly recruited talented and expert R&D teams. We believe that broadening Galam Group centers at key locations throughout Europe represents our strong commitment to delivering timely, expert and optimal sweetening solutions to our customers.”
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